Friday, February 13, 2009

The most memorable Valentine's day!

In the past two years, the Safeway store at my community served cooked meal with varieties dishes you can choose, but this year they no longer carry on this specialty at the warm food section. For a couple of years, me and my hubby spent Valentine's day at their designated sitting area and enjoyed the "cheap meal" plus a cup of Starbuck coffee. To let you know, I'm a person who have short term memory and often forget special events : P (I'm glad that my hubby does not mind)... unless it is a very special thing in my life, otherwise I can't recall most of the good times. But, having and enjoy my Valentine's day at Safeway Store is the moment that I can remember.

Well, we know that this Romantic day is coming soon. My plan is to go back to Safeway and get the 'cheap meal' plus the Starbuck coffee with my hubby and 4 months old baby. Why? is it because of the recession? For your answer. NO, because I really enjoy the special moment I had with my hubby. No crowd, no long queue, no reservation. Although the food taste OK. but not much about food, it is about the unique experience with my hubby. How wonderful I think, if you celebrate something that is out of the norm. : )

I don't think I could repeat it again this year. Maybe you have a better suggestion and would love to share with us.

Below, is a Quick Pages freebies for Valentine's day. Feel free to download and enjoy it !

Download it here

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Download School In Style_2008

Fall session class has begin ! Do you all have a wonderful summer break with your kids ? I hope you do and had busy summer activities with a lots of photos !

Before I deliver my baby Jordan in the following 3 weeks, here I get some School Kits made and available for download.

I will be taking at least 1 months rest for my confinement.

Already Enjoy your School Kits Collection and the Quick Page Freebies : )

Download Link Here

Download School In Style_QP

Here you can get this Quick Page !
Click Here

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Download 4X6 Card

Here are five 4x6 cards made for my baby Jordan, he is going to due on September 26th, 2008. I need to send announcement to my friends and relatives. Thus I've made them in advance. They are in both .PNG and .PSD format, you may change the layout easily with .PSD format.

Feel free to keep a set for your own

Download 4X6 Cards here.